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Kat Henry Doran here under the guise of Veronica Lynch. Thank you so much for hosting All In For Love on your blog. We hope your readers enjoy learning about our box set of contemporary romances, some with a bit of ghostly apparitions, suspense and murder.


Interview With Sandra Tilley

love love love this book!!

Holland Rae, Writer

I sat down with author Sandra Tilley to talk writing, passion and her book, The Ghost and Mrs. Miller!

#1 author photoWhen did you realize or decide you wanted to be a writer?

In utero. Like most of you, it’s part of my DNA.

What has been your best experience as an author so far?

My first published work was a short story; and when I saw the cover, I cried. It finally felt real.

What sort of challenges have you faced as a writer? How did you overcome them?

Like most everyone else, time is the biggest challenge. Can’t overcome it, but we do the best we can to stretch it.

How do you research and plan your books? Do you find outlining helps or hinders your process?

I outline. I definitely outline. Then I outline some more. That’s not to say that my characters take direction very well.


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I have tried all day to post something to this blog. It is only due to Deb Diez and her endless patience and tolerance for those of us [moi] who resort to whining when things don’t go my way. Thanks, Deb.

This time, I have copied down the steps to follow, highlighted them, then stored them in a safe place. Here’s hoping the safe place remains safe.

It’s a bitch getting old.

Great topic for a blog, I think.



A Great Read From a Favorite Author of Mine

I am, and have been for too many years to count, a huge fan of Nora Roberts.

She’s written some beauties; some have not exactly lit my fire–particularly in the last couple years.

IMO she’s hit the bigs with her latest The Witness.

It is vintage Nora–super characters [both primary and secondary] who engaging, funny as well as multi-layered; a beautiful setting [the Ozarks]; and an external conflict that could happen to any one of us: a sixteen year old, in defiance of her controlling, ice cold mother, manufactures a fake ID then goes clubbing with a friend and witnesses a brutal double murder. For the rest of her life this 16 year-old regrets what she did because violence follows her everywhere she goes. The Ozarks are the latest step in her run for a safe haven–and doesn’t she run into the nosey chief of police who refuses to take ‘I’m not interested’ for an answer.

If you like edge of your seat thrillers with just enough romance tossed in to keep it intersting, The Witness is the one for you.

Kat Doran and Veronica Lynch  

A super read

I’ve recently learned how to download audio books to my Nook and have discovered thrillers by author Linda Castillo.
Breaking the Silence. Wow. I was engaged immediately and often found myself driving extra miles just so I could hear what happened next.
Author Castillo has created a fictional town in Ohio where Amish families peacefully [sort of] co-exist with the English. Enter Kate Burkholder, child of an Amish family, some of whom continue to live in the community, and who is now Chief of Police.
A brutal murder occurs which is vividly reminiscent of a serial case from 14 years in the past, a case in which Kate has all too familiar and painful knowledge of.
This is a honey of a story–and not for the squeamish.
Ms. Castillo has written two sequels and I cannot wait to get home, stoke up the AC and turn on my sewing machines so I can create gorgeous bags and get lost in the world of the Amish.
Kat Doran/Veronica Lynch

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