A Great Read From a Favorite Author of Mine

I am, and have been for too many years to count, a huge fan of Nora Roberts.

She’s written some beauties; some have not exactly lit my fire–particularly in the last couple years.

IMO she’s hit the bigs with her latest The Witness.

It is vintage Nora–super characters [both primary and secondary] who engaging, funny as well as multi-layered; a beautiful setting [the Ozarks]; and an external conflict that could happen to any one of us: a sixteen year old, in defiance of her controlling, ice cold mother, manufactures a fake ID then goes clubbing with a friend and witnesses a brutal double murder. For the rest of her life this 16 year-old regrets what she did because violence follows her everywhere she goes. The Ozarks are the latest step in her run for a safe haven–and doesn’t she run into the nosey chief of police who refuses to take ‘I’m not interested’ for an answer.

If you like edge of your seat thrillers with just enough romance tossed in to keep it intersting, The Witness is the one for you.

Kat Doran and Veronica Lynch  


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