A super read

I’ve recently learned how to download audio books to my Nook and have discovered thrillers by author Linda Castillo.
Breaking the Silence. Wow. I was engaged immediately and often found myself driving extra miles just so I could hear what happened next.
Author Castillo has created a fictional town in Ohio where Amish families peacefully [sort of] co-exist with the English. Enter Kate Burkholder, child of an Amish family, some of whom continue to live in the community, and who is now Chief of Police.
A brutal murder occurs which is vividly reminiscent of a serial case from 14 years in the past, a case in which Kate has all too familiar and painful knowledge of.
This is a honey of a story–and not for the squeamish.
Ms. Castillo has written two sequels and I cannot wait to get home, stoke up the AC and turn on my sewing machines so I can create gorgeous bags and get lost in the world of the Amish.
Kat Doran/Veronica Lynch